The bootfitting area

EXTREM MOUNTAIN FLAINE FORUM offers an area entirely devoted to BOOTFITTING. This activity backs onto our department of ski boots, which were selected by manufacturer based on their suitability for certain types of feet.

A 100% customise

We develop "CUSTOM" technology with our partner SIDAS at EXTREM MOUNTAIN FLAINE FORUM, allowing you to 100% customise your soles. Starting with a flat sole and your footprints, we carry out a moulding phase and then a heating phase, resulting in a sole that completely matches the shape of your foot.

Our BOOTFITTING activity also provides boot thermoforming technology which adapts the boot to the shape of your foot, for maximum comfort guaranteed.

Finally, we also work on the shell of the boot. We have the equipment and skills to be able to work on the shell by deforming it.

A 100% customise Extrem Moutain
No more pain! Extrem Moutain

No more pain!

With the sole, inside and shell of the boot, we work at 3 levels to best customise your boots. Furthermore, if you experience technical issues or minor injuries (ankle or shin pain or if your heels are not properly positioned, etc.), there's no need to hesitate, we have solutions for you, so don't let it spoil your fun…

Within the EXTREM MOUNTAIN FLAINE FORUM team, Alex is responsible for the BOOTFITTING activity. Please don't hesitate to come and ask him as he is very professional and gives good advice.

With the BOOTFITTING at EXTREM MOUNTAIN FLAINE FORUM, you can be sure that you'll soon be skiing "with your best foot forward".

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